Windows 7 SSD Performance Optimization

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8.  Turn Off Hibernation

WEBMASTER NOTE:  Hibernation was a very useful program for hard drives as it enabled one to resume their work in a very quick time.  It is less useful with ssds as they can load completely in as quick as 10-20 seconds which, in some cases, equals Hibernation.  Disabling Hibernation will return 2.5Gb of valuable ssd storage space to the user.

Using the start menu search box type "cmd"  Right click the cmd program and select Run as Administrator.  In the command line type "powercfg -h off".  This will take about 30 seconds it has finished once the command prompt reappears.

9.  Power Settings

Go to Control Panel.
Select System and Security.
Select Power Options and Click the drop down for Show Additional Plans.
Select the High Performance bubble to apply it.
Click Change Plan Settings for High performance.
Click Change Advanced Power Settings.

the hard disk drop down option.
Change Turn off hard disk after to 0 minutes (will display as never after applied).
Select OK.
Select Save Settings.

10.  Disable Windows Search and Superfetch (Services.msc)

In the start box type "services.msc" and press Enter.
Scroll to find Superfetch, right click and select Properties.
In the drop down menu select Disabled and select Ok
Scroll down further to find Windows Search, right click and select Properties
Click the Stop box then use the drop down menu to Disable select Ok.

11.  Enable Faster Booting Sequence (Msconfig)

This will remove the spinning windows logo at the start which reduces start-up time by about 2-3 seconds. If you want the boot to look pretty don't select the "No GUI Boot" the rest can still be done to improve the boot sequence.
Use the start box type "msconfig".
Under the boot tab select the box "No GUI Boot".  Timeout should be set to 0 from step 6 (if still 30 seconds set to 3).

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